EndoAid vision and mission statement 

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Becoming a major contributor to the worldwide fight against colorectal cancer.



Mission statement:


EndoAid is a company specializing in research and development of medical technologies.

EndoAid was founded to assist gastroenterologists in providing their patients with better colorectal cancer detection.


EndoAid is commercializing a proprietary colonoscope add-on device which substantially improves the doctor’s scope of view and thus assists in detecting hidden polyps and adenomas.

Our product, EndoRings™2 Distal Attachment, helps improving the efficacy of screening and surveillance in colonoscopies.


We believe that using EndoRings™2 in colonoscopies provides the doctor and the patient with a higher quality screening exam and a better peace of mind.


As a medical device company, which focuses on research and development, we at EndoAid seek to identify and explore opportunities to keep improving the solutions we offer.


At EndoAid we believe that we can contribute to the world fight against colorectal cancer and to the welfare of society as a whole, by striving to improve the detection rate of polyps and adenomas and to decrease the miss rate of adenoma which, as a consequence, are not treated on time.