Distal attachment device

EndoRings™2 is a silicone device that is fitted onto the distal end of the colonoscope.

2 layers of flexible, soft circular rings - gently flatten folds during withdrawal for improved visibility.

Up to 50mm diameter - provides scope centering and stability of the endoscope during withdrawal and endoscopic therapy.



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Colorectal cancers and Colonoscopy

Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of death from cancer in Europe and North America after lung cancer.

Colonoscopy is the standard method for detection and removal of colorectal adenomas, the precursor lesions of most colorectal cancers.


Adenomas Miss Rate

Adenoma miss rate during colonoscopy has become a widely acknowledged proxy measure for post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer.

Among other reasons, this happens due to inadequate visualization of the proximal aspects of colonic folds and flexures.


The miss rates of colonoscopy have been widely acknowledged, with back-to-back colonoscopy studies showing polyp and adenoma miss rates of approximately 20%–25% in older studies and up to 40% in more recent studies, evaluating novel technologies developed to improve visualization behind folds.


ADR (Adenoma Detection Rate)
ADR is the proportion of individuals undergoing a complete screening colonoscopy who have one or more adenomas detected.

The recommended benchmarks for a quality colonoscopy have been an ADR on screening colonoscopies of at least 15% in women and at least 25% in men.


EndoRings™2 increases Detection
The improved detection of polyps and adenomas with the EndoRings™2 is provided by two circular rows of flexible silicone wings that engage and mechanically straighten the colonic folds during withdrawal.


The EndoRings™2 additionally improves visualization of the total colonic surface area by keeping the distal tip of the colonoscope centered in the colonic lumen.


EndoRings™2 is available in 2 sizes, that accomodate majority of available colonoscopes in the market.


The EndoRings™2 can be positioned 10mm proximally to the tip of the colonoscope, thus improving the ability to intubate the terminal illium.


Colonoscopy with the EndoRings™2 does not interfere with the normal washing, suctioning, and therapeutic capabilities of the colonoscope and does not block any parts of the camera view.


Colonoscopy with the EndoRings™2 device significantly reduces the adenoma and polyp miss rates.

The simple and easy-to-use design and the minimal impact on cecal intubation time of this add-on device may help to improve the efficacy of screening and surveillance colonoscopies.


EndoRings has shown an improvement in ADR from 28.8% using Standard colonoscopy to 49.1% using EndoRings colonoscopy (“Multicenter, randomized, tandem evaluation of EndoRings colonoscopy – results of the CLEVER study”, Endoscopy magazine)